Tracy Chu ties the knot in Bali

The actress and her husband will be living apart for the time being.


Hong Kong actress Tracy Chu tied the knot with her childhood sweetheart, Justin, in Bali, Indonesia at the start of the month, in an intimate ceremony witnessed by close to 80 guests.

According to Tracy, she had known Justin even before they were born, as their two mothers had shared the same hospital room before giving birth. The couple were born three days apart from each other and also grew up together. However, they only started dating when they were 26 years old and took their relationship to the next level five years later.


Celebrity guests at the wedding included Hong Kong model Kayi Cheung, Hong Kong actresses Sandy Lau, Roxanne Tong, Jennifer Shum, and Angel Chiam, as well as British actress Crystal Li. Just like Tracy, all six of them got their big break in the entertainment industry through the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Tracy is believed to be staying in Hong Kong for the time being after tying the knot in order to finish studying for her law degree. Meanwhile, Justin will return to Singapore for work.

It is not known if the couple intends to settle down in Hong Kong or Singapore in the future. Previous reports had claimed that Tracy will be moving to Singapore, which she had denied.


Photos: PBE Media

Will Tracy Chu be settling down in Singapore after tying the knot?

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