Tony Sun attended a charity event in Taipei on December 25, where he celebrated Christmas with underprivileged children by making gingerbread houses with them.

The Taiwanese singer-actor and 5566 member was deeply touched by the Christmas wishes made the children, such as "I wish to spend more time with my family", "I wish to have food to eat at home after school" and "I wish for the sweet potatoes at my mother's stall to sell out faster".

"Despite their difficult circumstances, they are able to consider the needs of everyone around them instead of just their own," he mused.

Tony, who recently revealed the reason behind his and ex-wife Angel Han's divorce as them being unable to conceive, then shared that as much as he loves children, whether he ever becomes a father or not is up to fate.

"Children are a gift from the heavens, but if I am not meant to have any of my own, then so be it," he said. "I'm able to accept not becoming a father in this lifetime."

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