Tony Sun hits back at critics of 5566’s concert

The group was criticised for being past their prime


Taiwanese boy band 5566 held their reunion concert at the Taipei Arena last weekend, where they performed to a sold-out crowd. 

However, the concert had its fair share of critics, with some sharing that the showcase was not worth the time or money, and that 5566 are past their prime.

The comments angered the group's leader, Tony Sun, who took to his Facebook account on Monday (February 25) to post a lengthy statement.

“My brothers and I have once again completed a stage that only we are capable of doing. Only (the three of) us can exceed our own performances,” he wrote. The 41-year-old expressed that the concert was not meant to prove anything to the public. Instead, it was to complete a very important memory, to relive the classics.


Tony shared that news of the concert had been met by negative reactions from the start, with some even commenting that “liking 56 (nickname for 5566) is something that only little kids will do”. However, he chose to turn these negative comments into his driving force, to “spur us on, to do better”. 

“Whether we put in effort and sincerity or not, I believe that only those who were present at the venue can comment (and feel it),” he wrote.

Finally, he ended his post with, “Never losing sight of our initial feelings, returning to (our former) glory, 56 can never die!” He also thanked all the fans who supported them, writing, “Without your cheers, there would not be such a memorable concert. With your constant support, we managed to create such an unforgettable memory together that night.”

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