Tony Sun glad to still be walking hand-in-hand with 5566

The 41-year-old shared his excitement at having Singapore as the first overseas stop for the group’s concert tour


For the first time in 17 years, Taiwanese boyband 5566 will be holding their concert in Singapore, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Shortly after the news was confirmed, leader Tony Sun popped by our little red dot for the Star Awards, where we caught up with him backstage to find out what he’s been up to.

The 41-year-old, who has somehow managed to maintain his boyish charm, was all smiles as he chatted with us despite the hustle and bustle that was happening backstage.

Being backstage at an acting awards ceremony was something that Tony shared brought back many memories for him, as he mused, “As an entertainer, regardless of whether you’re involved in music, acting or hosting, winning an award is a way of knowing that you’ve done your job well.”

“People often say that being nominated is an acknowledgement in itself, and while I agree with that, it’s also true that not winning the award is also (a reminder) that you didn’t win,” he added with a chuckle. “That being said, I still believe that being nominated is a reason to celebrate.”

The singer-actor added that apart from awards, the only other report card that one can receive is from the audience. “Wanting to show everyone that your hard work over the years has paid off is something I believe every entertainer wants to work towards,” he concluded with a smile.

While Tony made his debut as a singer after stumbling into showbiz (his words, not ours), these days, he’s got a lot more on his plate. Singing, acting and hosting are what he works on the most, although he remarked that if he’s forced to choose between the three, he’ll go with his first love.

“I joined a singing competition because I wanted to go on TV just once with my friend, but somehow ended up entering and staying in showbiz,” he laughed. “I’ve gone through the ups and downs - getting scolded, getting bullied, experiencing the greatest happiness, I think I’ve experienced everything that I should have, and I’m very happy with what I’ve done in my life.”

He continued, “There’s a certain kind of happiness that I can get from acting, hosting and singing respectively, but if you ask me to pick just one, I’ll say that I enjoy singing the most. I won’t say that I’m the best at singing, but I love to sing (…) I entered the industry as a singer, so this is something that I can’t give up easily. I daresay that I’ll never give up on it.”

One of the reasons that Tony loves singing so much is the audience, who he described as his biggest motivator.

“The most touching moment during 5566’s recent concert in Taiwan is towards the end, when the entire audience of over 10,000 people in the Taipei Arena sang ‘Wo Nan Guo’ with us,” he said. “There wasn’t any music playing over the speakers, and it was just all of us singing together. I was so touched to have managed to have so many people love our songs so much that they could sing it with us, and the entire moment is something that I’ll hold close to my heart for a very long time.”

“As a singer, expressing your emotions on stage with your voice, and the response that you get from the audience, be it tears or applause, is the most direct and immediate feedback that you can receive.”

That moment was even sweeter for him, as he admitted to worrying about whether he and his group mates would be able to pull off a full-length concert.

“It’s been so many years since we last held a concert, and we’ve also gotten older. I was concerned about whether it would affect our physical ability to perform or the chemistry that we built up in the past,” he confessed.

Despite the backlash from netizens netizens during their Taipei concert, which some netizens blasted as “not worth the time nor money”, Tony is satisfied with the group’s performance and is “very thankful” to have been invited back to Singapore to perform, as our country holds a special place in the group’s hearts.

Tony concluded with a grin, “5566 has been together for so many years, and it’s amazing that we can still walk hand-in-hand towards the same goal that we’ve shared for the past decade. Having a concert after all this time reminded us of just that.”

SINCE 5566 Live In Singapore 2019 is slated to take place on July 6, 7.30pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets are priced at S$228, S$188, S$148, S$128 (excluding booking fees) and general sales will commence on April 29 on SportsHubTix.

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