Tony Sun: 5566 is better off with 3 members

Many believed that leader Tony Sun was hinting that their fourth member, Sam Wang, has left the group

L-R: Tony Sun, Sam Wang, Jason Hsu and Zax Wang

Taiwanese boyband 5566 has been rumoured to be on bad terms with each other since last year, when fans noticed that the group, which consists of four members, group leader Tony Sun, Jason Hsu, Zax Wang and Sam Wang, often spent time together without Sam.

While filming the latest episode of Taiwanese variety programme Super Followers, Tony was advising Taiwanese girl group Uplive Girls to stick together as their group of six members, when he let slip that “another group is better off as a team of three members instead of four”.

As he is the group leader of 5566, many guessed that he was insinuating about Sam’s frequent absence from the quartet’s activities, and were stunned by his sudden statement. Upon seeing the response, Tony then reportedly claimed that he was only joking.

As Sam once shared in a previous interview that he was “no longer in contact with the members of 5566”, many believed that he left the group on bad terms.

According to media reports, Taiwanese variety programme The Hunger Games had intended to invite all four members of the group to host the show, but eventually only had Tony, Jason and Zax show up because Sam did not accept the invite. Instead, he was said to have accepted the invite of another similar variety program titled 3 Kingdoms.

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L-R: Zax Wang, Jason Hsu and Tony Sun

When asked about it during an interview, Tony shared that he was the leader of the group and not the “manager who manages the members’ activities”, and expressed that he will “not interfere with his members’ personal choices as everyone have their own priorities”.

5566 originally comprised of five members, with the fifth member, Rio Peng, leaving the group in 2003 after sustaining a serious injury.

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