Tony Leung Ka-fai supports helper in fight against cancer

The family has expressed their joy that Delia has since been declared cancer-free


Veteran Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka-fai and his family have been praised for their hearts of gold after it was revealed that the Leungs have supported their household helper, only identified by her first name Delia, in her fight against cancer.

Tony’s twin daughters, Nikkie and Chloe, updated their respective social media accounts with the good news, sharing that the family stood shoulder-to-shoulder to help Delia overcome the odds and to be declared cancer-free.

They let on that Deila was diagnosed with Stage 2B cervical cancer after a 7cm tumour was detected. She then underwent daily radiation therapy, weekly chemotherapy and four rounds of internal radiation.

“Thank you Delia for staying so strong and positive, and thank you for sticking to your tough, bland, red meat-free, sugar-free and carb-free diet (keto diet), for taking your supplements, for drinking your baking soda molasses, and hemp oil,” Chloe wrote.

She continued, “Thank you to my parents who drove us to Queen Mary hospital every morning, thank you to Delia’s sister Elsa for going to the hospital with us every day. Thank you to all the doctors and staff of Queen Mary Hospital for the care and encouragement you’ve given us.”

Sharing the news that another patient who was in a similar situation has been declared cancer-free on the same day, Chloe ended her post with, “For anyone else out there who is battling cancer (or to people who are caring for a cancer fighter) Don’t give up. Stay strong and positive. (I) hope this post can inspire, give hope and strength to others that have gone through or is going through this.”

Photos: PBE Media

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