Tony Leung Ka-fai shares his secret to a harmonious marriage

The veteran actor has been happily married for 32 years


Before anything else, Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka-fai would like everyone to know that his marriage to Hong Kong actress Jiang Jia Nian is not a “godlike marriage”.

At a recent press conference, the 61-year-old was asked for the secret behind his “godlike marriage” to Jia Nian. The couple has been married for 32 years, and remain as in love as the day they tied the knot. Tony is also known as the “number one husband” in the entertainment industry.

With a laugh, Tony replied, “You guys have turned my marriage into something godly! At that time, (when I tied the knot with Jia Nian), my only thought was that she was way too brave to agree to marry me.”

The actor recalled an incident in the past, when he was in Vietnam. At the time, he had been coerced to go to the Philippines to film a movie and soon, rumours alleging that Tony was in cahoots with the mafia started spreading. As Jia Nian was forced to stay in Vietnam, the couple was separated for a week. Tony admitted that it was indeed a harrowing experience. However, due to that, the couple was able to better understand each other, and it deepened their feelings towards each other.

The actor admitted that while he does quarrel with his wife at times, being able to be together is the work of fate. If they happen to have differing opinions, the couple will sit down to talk it out, instead of getting angry at each other. Calling himself “just a normal man”, Tony shared that his relationship with Jia Nian is very much like that of any other couple.

However, his one secret to a harmonious marriage is a piece of advice that his father once shared with him. 

“Because my dad is more traditional, what he told me is, ‘If you don’t want to do it, then don’t do it. But, once you do something, then you must assume responsibility for it! A marriage is for a lifetime’,” Tony said.

Tony tied the knot with Jia Nian in 1987, and the couple welcomed their twin daughters, Nikkie and Chloe in 1991.

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