Did you know that Hongkong veteran actor Tony Leung Ka-Fai has a pair of super hot identical twin daughters named Nikkie and Chloe?

So hot, in fact, that the 26-year-olds completely stole the limelight at their aunt’s wedding?

Recently, the Leungs travelled to sunny Okinawa, Japan, to attend the wedding of Tony’s sister Emmy. The twins were tapped to be bridesmaids and, naturally, Instagrammed up a storm at the beach bash.

“Since young I have said I wanted to be a flowergirl at your wedding and now, at 26, I finally get to be your bridesmaid,” gushed Nikkie in a post.

The bride looked radiant, the weather was perfect, but oh, the Hongkong tabloids zoomed in right away on the sisters and their respective boyfriends, who suited up as groomsmen. (Did everyone forget about Tony Leung Ka-Fai who is the only legit star in the picture?)

Nikkie has been seeing her longtime Caucasian boyfriend, Tyler Toscani, for over four years. Meanwhile Chloe is said to be dating an American-born Chinese dude named Matthew.

Not ones to shy away from posting PDA-heavy photos on their social media, the twins drew the media’s attention for making out with their boyfriends on camera and for Instagramming themselves in skimpy bikinis.

When asked about his daughters’ social media antics, Tony, 60, merely said, “As long as they understand that they must take responsibility for their actions and deal with the consequences, they're free to do whatever they want."

Cool dad, this one.

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