Tony Leung Ka Fai attended the premiere of his new film Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch in Taipei on June 10. His friends, Mayday’s Monster and Guan You, also came to show their support, and they brought with them radishes and pineapples as gifts to wish the picture great success at the box office.

The movie contains lots of action and stunt scenes, including one where Tony had to sit on a roller coaster. He revealed that back in the day, he was able to woo his wife, actress Jiang Jia Nian, thanks to a roller coaster ride.

“I’m actually very scared of heights, but when I was still pursuing my wife, I brought her to an amusement park and we sat on a roller coaster together,” the actor shared. “I was so terrified that I buried my head in her lap, but I think I could end up marrying her because of that! (Laughs)”

Besides having to film the dangerous scenes, Tony also had to eat 18 durians. “I could not get rid of the smell from my hair and skin even after using soap, shower gel, and fragrance,” he said. “My wife refused to sleep in the same bed as me for three days!”

Photos: TPG

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