Tony Leung is a “very difficult” actor: Carina Lau

Tony Leung has rejected 10 consecutive job offers so far, much to the chagrin of Carina Lau


Hong Kong actress Carina Lau can’t wait to handover her duties as husband Tony Leung Chiu-wai’s manager. The Hong Kong actor has been managed by his wife since June 2018, after his contract with Jettone, a company owned by famed austere Wong Kar-wai, ended. 

However, managing Tony has proved to be trickier than expected and Carina lamented about her difficulties with him at an event yesterday (Oct 25).

As Tony’s last project was Theory of Ambitions which wrapped in November last year, and he has not taken on any new jobs in 2018, reporters asked Carina when she intends to let him return to work.

Their question left Carina triggered and she could not help but gripe about how “lousy” an artiste he is.

“There are a lot of jobs that he won’t take on, I’ve collected 10 scripts for him but one minute he’d say it’s not suitable and the next he says he doesn’t want to take it on. It’s really not easy being his manager,” she said.

According to the 53-year-old, Tony has strict requirements when it comes to attending commercial events as well. If he needs to attend any events, he’d only make an appearance for half an hour, she said.

Carina can’t wait to handover management reins to someone else, saying, “I think when most people hear his name they’d get scared, [he is] very difficult, and when you’re turning down jobs on his behalf you need to be very tactful.”

When asked if she will convince Tony to take on a job if it pays exceptionally well, Carina replied with a smile, “Of course not, but this is what I like about him, he has very high standards.”

Photos: PBE Media

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