Tiger Hu shoots down reconciliation rumours with ex

He posted a strongly worded update on Weibo, which caused much debate among netizens

tiger hu zheng shuang

Former celeb couple Zheng Shuang and Tiger Hu dated briefly in 2015 before breaking up less than a year after they got together. The pair was spotted on a late-night date earlier this week, which spurred rumours of a reconciliation between them.

However, it seems that fans of the couple are in for disappointment as the Chinese singer took to his Weibo account to personally address the rumours in a strongly worded post.

Shortly after reports of their date hit the headlines, he updated his Weibo with, “This should be the last time we meet in this lifetime. After posting this update, I’ll delete your WeChat and mobile number from my phone. I hope that you’ll live an even better life than I have, and I hope that you’ll be happy in future.”

Comments left on his post were divided, with some wondering if his reaction was because of the media’s constant scrutiny on his private life. Others wondered if it was necessary for him to go to such extreme measures, and advised him that “life is long and you don’t know what will happen in the future, so to call this the last time you will meet is too much”.

Some also questioned why he posted such an update especially since Tiger patted Zheng Shuang’s head during the meeting, and why they had met up in the first place if he was going to do this.

At press time, Zheng Shuang has yet to make any comment on the matter.

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