Tiffany Hsu attended a promotional event for Japanese skincare brand Senka in Taipei on May 16, wearing a white jumpsuit with cutouts that showed off her toned abs.

Besides getting to show off her flawless skin in a commercial for the brand, the Taiwanese actress also had the opportunity to flaunt her singing chops. When asked if there could be plans for her to release an album in the future, Tiffany laughed and said she would not turn down the chance to do so.

She went on to share about her personal skincare routine. In addition to the basic steps and always being disciplined enough to remove her makeup every night, Tiffany revealed her rather strange habit of rubbing alcohol on her face with a cotton pad every week to make sure her skin is clean. However, she added a disclaimer, saying, “I don’t think this is actually a recommended practice, so please don’t simply follow my example!”

Tiffany also revealed that she usually does not wash her face with a facial cleanser after removing makeup, and only does so once a week. And finally, she stressed on the importance of using sunscreen, and recommended drinking lots of barley water and lemon water.

Photos: TPG