Tiffany Chen weighs in on Andy Hui, Jacqueline Wong scandal

“If Andy truly loved his wife, he should’ve thought of her feelings before doing this,” she wrote


Hong Kong producer Tiffany Chen, the vice chairman of the influential China Star Entertainment Group and the wife of Hong Kong actor-turned-producer Charles Heung, has turned to her personal Weibo account to share her thoughts on the celebrity cheating scandal that has been hogging the headlines this week.

On Tuesday (April 16), a dashboard video showing Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui and Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong getting intimate with each other was released. Andy is married to Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, while Jacqueline is currently dating Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma. After the release of the video, Tiffany immediately posted on her Weibo, criticising Andy’s actions. 

“For this cheating scandal, the male celebrity involved stepped forward to admit it. Perhaps some people might think that he might be better, compared to other male celebrities because of that. However, you can’t see it this way. Regardless of whether he admitted it or not, the fact that he cheated still remains. The hurt caused by the exposure [of this scandal] has already been dealt. To add on, the other party involved is friends with his wife, and they often work together. They literally committed a crime right in front of [her] eyes,” she wrote.

On Wednesday (April 17), Tiffany expanded on her thoughts regarding the issue, writing, “If he (Andy) truly loved his wife, he should’ve thought of her feelings before doing this. He only admitted his mistake after getting caught. If the taxi driver did not film them, would he still continue? Since he has chosen his other half, then he should have resisted temptation, and chosen to remain faithful. Behind the forgiveness of his wife, lies a huge amount of hurt and tears which were [silently] endured. No matter what the wife chooses to do, I only hope that she can let go of this soon, and choose the path that leads to the most happiness for herself.”

In other related news, all of Jacqueline’s upcoming dramas and works have been shelved indefinitely following the scandal. The theme song for the drama Come Home Love: Lo and Behold, which she lent her voice to, has been changed entirely to a track with instrumental music only. The broadcast date for her upcoming drama The Offliners has also been pushed back, and replaced with Hun Yin He Huo Ren (loosely translated to Wedding Partners) instead.

Photos: PBE Media

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