Tien Hsin attended a promotional event for a brand of kitchenware in Taipei, Taiwan on May 5, where she shared about her own cooking experiences and demonstrated how to use the products with professional chefs.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the Taiwanese actress shared that her mum has already requested to have a three-way call with Tien Hsin, who will be in Wuxi, China, and her husband, who will be in Seoul, South Korea on that day. “But I know she only wants to see her son-in-law!” she laughed.

Other than the call request, Tien Hsin revealed that her family is not in the habit of celebrating special occasions, and that her mum does not like surprises. “We are both the kind of people who prefer useful and practical gifts, so if we want something, we would just ask for it,” she explained.

When asked what’s the most unusual present her mum has asked for, Tien Hsin said that she once bought pet food one Mother’s Day. “My mum loves animals and has over 15 cats and dogs at home, so she spends around NT$10,000 (about S$442) a month to feed them,” she said. “So she once took initiative to ask me to buy pet food for Mother’s Day one year.”

Tien Hsin then recalled a hilarious story about how she once tried to show affection to her mum. “A few years ago I watched a Japanese TV show and was moved to call her to say ‘I love you’, but she thought it was a prank call and asked, ‘Who are you? You have the wrong number’ and hung up!”