If you’ve always wanted to look fresh like a K-pop star, SHINee and Red Velvet have tips that don’t involve going under the knife.

The K-pop groups were in town for the Shilla Beauty Concert in conjunction with the opening of the Shilla Duty Free store in Changi Airport Terminal 4. Unsurprisingly, given that they are the ambassadors for the Korean cosmetics and perfume travel retail giant, the topics revolved around beauty and travel tips. Questions were pre-selected by the Korean management, and the media were barred from asking any spontaneous questions. Queries like, how the K-pop boyband’s leader Onew was conspicuously MIA, maybe? The 27-year-old has been lying low ever since he was embroiled in a career-crushing sexual harassment case this August that saw his fans deserting him in droves.

The arrival of SHINee and Red Velvet at the open press con at T4 was met with fervent screams from hundreds of fans. Speaking to local and regional media, Red Velvet’s self-confessed beauty guru Joy said that her beauty tip is to “always think positive”. She added, “Every morning, I put on a cold mask as it helps to reduce swelling of the face… At night, I apply a thick layer of moisturising cream, so that my skin will be supple in the morning.” Seulgi chipped in: “Since we wear heavy makeup on stage, cleansing our faces is very important. So I take a lot of care in choosing the right cleansers.”

Speaking in English, Korean-Canadian member Wendy said, “I have lots of different kinds of masks — V-line, moisturising, calming and tea tree masks.” Yeri, on the other hand, says she eats her way to beautiful skin. “You should eat a lot of good food that you like, then you’ll be pretty… I like meat.” Um, okay, although we suspect binging on fried chicken and beer won’t get you looking half as good as the RV members.

SHINee also bestowed on us a few pearls of beauty wisdom. Minho said, “Since I love exercising outdoors, I apply a lot of sunscreen.” When it comes to travel essentials, Jonghyun swears by “cosmetics… especially skincare products” while health nut Key emphasised on the importance of “health supplements, like vitamins and Omega 3”.

What about their trick to looking good after a long-haul flight? Taemin said, “Sleep. If I sleep throughout the flight, I can better handle jet lag too.” Key advises piling on BB or CC creams on top of skincare products. The group’s resident fashionista also added: “[When I travel,] I always carry along a set of comfortable pyjamas. Of course, I can’t [wear that] at the airport. But once I board the plane, I’ll change into my pyjamas [so that I can rest more comfortably].” Flying fashionistas, are you taking notes? 

PHOTO CREDIT: The Shilla Duty Free Singapore