This is why netizens are convinced Yang Mi is dating Chinese actor Wei Daxun

Eagle-eyed netizens have spotted the pair wearing the same cap.

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Chinese actress Yang Mi, who announced her divorce from fellow actor Hawick Lau a year ago, has been rumoured to be dating a younger man, actor Wei Daxun, since late August.

Since then, the rumours have not died down, and have instead grown more intense after the couple has been spotted wearing the similar clothes and accessories, including sneakers and jackets, on multiple occasions.

The piece of evidence that have netizens convinced that the matching items were not just a coincidence, however, is a cap that many believe the pair has been sharing. Both stars have been spotted wearing a faded grey cap by South Korean label localmansion on multiple occasions.

And high-quality photos have shown that there are at least two parts of the hat that show the same wear-and-tear marks, convincing fans that it’s one and the same cap. For one, there is a scratch on the bill of the cap that is the exact same shape and position. In addition, there is also a dent on one side of the cap that is not part of the original design.

Netizens have been discussing this matter at great length, with some pointing out that their reluctance to go public with their relationship might be because many blame Yang Mi as the cause of her marriage breakdown.

In addition, Yang Mi is also more famous than Daxun, which may lead to some accusing the younger actor of trying to ride on her coattails.

Whatever the reason may be, there are also supporters of the rumoured couple who believe that Yang Mi deserves a second chance at love.

Photos: PBE Media

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