This Is What K-pop Group SixBomb Looks Like After Spending $124K On Plastic Surgery

A promotional gimmick you wouldn't expect.

It’s no secret that South Korea is a country obsessed with looks, where getting a nip and tuck is as common as having kimchi as a side dish during meals. 

But K-pop girl group SixBomb is taking this obsession with plastic to the next level.

According to their agency, Pacemaker Entertainment, the band's four members have undergone extensive plastic surgery in preparation for the release of their new single. “We spent 100 million won for almost every kind of surgery that could be done on a face, and breast implants, on the girls," said the agency to the Korean media. Although they didn’t reveal what procedures were done , a prominent plastic surgery clinic in Korea said that SixBomb's members have gone through extensive operations from the waist up.  

In case you're wondering, their new song is titled 'Becoming Pretty' and is about enhancing one's looks. We don't think you can get anymore literal than that. 

sixbomb before
The members of SixBomb before plastic surgery. 

Lead singer Dain, 26 has spoken about her enlarged bosoms and shaved cheekbones openly. "We all wanted to get some surgery done to look prettier," she said. "And we thought, 'Why not perform a song about it instead of trying to conceal it?’ People will notice it anyway, so we wanted to be open about this reality where many women want to look pretty."

She added: “"I love my new face and am proud of how good I look on TV screens. I welcome any kind of public attention, good or bad, for this project.”

Her bandmate, Soa, 27, was a little less enthusiastic. She reportedly had second thoughts about getting eyelid surgery. "I really liked my previous eyes," she said. "So I had to think long and hard before doing it.”

Responding to the widespread criticism they've faced online, their manager said: "We haven't committed any crimes. Our only crime would be talking about it in such an open manner. Many celebrities go under the knife, but are not open about it.”

We shudder to think how SixBomb is going to top this publicity stunt for their next single. A gender change, perhaps? 

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