Cecilia Cheung is one of the most oft-mentioned contestants on Sisters Who Make Waves 2, and not always for the best reasons. The 40-year-old is regarded as one of the worst dancers on the show, with netizens lambasting her for her half baked attempts at dancing.

For Sisters’ first group performance battle, she had to learn the choreography for boy group WayV’s song ‘Regular’. However, during dance practice, she kept giggling and claimed that “sexy dance moves are not for [her]”. During the actual performance, she stood at the back of the formation while her four teammates were dancing, but was seen “slacking off” by not executing all of the dance moves.

Even then, she was awarded the second highest score among the contestants as the judges are believed to have been impressed by her rap skills. Cecilia therefore had the opportunity to pick her team for the second round of performances. 

After quick deliberation, Ceci announced that she wanted to join Na Ying’s team, but didn’t receive the most enthusiastic response. Na Ying looked visibly frustrated, and Cecilia quipped in response, “You can say no to my offer!” Na Ying then turned Ceci down with, “You should reconsider your decision.”

There’s been a lot of buzz about why Na Ying reacted in this way, with some netizens saying that the Chinese singer did so for practical reasons. “Both Na Ying and Cecilia dance so badly,” pointed out one netizen. “It would be difficult for the other members to cover for the both of them.” Others, however, were convinced that Na Ying would find it awkward to spend so much time with Ceci.