This Is BigBang’s T.O.P Going Off To The Army

And it was anything but low-key.

“Oppa, saranghaeyeo!” “Oppa, fighting!” were the fervent, heartbroken cries of fangirls who were there to send BigBang’s T.O.P off as he enlisted into the army yesterday (Feb 9). 

On the day itself, T.O.P posted on his Instagram: “I really want to go quietly today. Please understand even if I don’t say goodbye. I’m sorry.” But, his army enlistment was anything but “quiet”. As the 29-year-old rapper made his way to the barracks, surrounded by his entourage, hordes of media and fans came in droves to send him off. Some fans even prepared massive banners to show support for their idol. The whole shebang begged us to wonder: Is this a military enlistment or a pop concert? 

In these snaps which surfaced on social media, T.O.P can be seen all bundled up like a ninja warrior (or, um, South Park's Kenny) in a duvet jacket with only a small portion of his face revealed. We don’t think it was ’cos he was feeling very cold.


Enlisting the same time as T.O.P was JYJ’s Junsu (far right), both seen here at the Nonsan army training centre. They will undergo four weeks of military training at the centre before serving as conscripted policemen. T.O.P will be discharged in Nov 2018.

top junsu

How many recruits can still look this hot with their military hairdo? T.O.P debuted his new hairdo on Instagram the day before he enlisted. 


We’re guessing T.O.P will be busy fielding selfie requests from fellow comrades, judging from this pic he took with Hyunbae, Taeyang’s older brother, who Instagrammed this shot.

hyunbae top

Three days before his enlistment, T.O.P posted this picture on his Instagram, saying that he misses the members so much that he won’t be meeting them before leaving for the army. In response, G-Dragon and Taeyang left comments jokingly pleading him to meet up with them. The former wrote: “… at least do a FaceTime please, hyung!” T.O.P is the first BigBang member to enlist into the army.


A day before T.O.P’s enlistment, G-Dragon (who will be entering the army this year too) posted this pic, captioning it: “Our hyung (brother)…” along with a teary face emoji.

top gd

Yes, we will miss you (and your ever-changing hairdos), T.O.P. 


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