Hongkong actor Auston Lam announced on Wednesday (Jun 24) that his contract with TVB has ended, making him a free agent now. He joins a long list of talents who have left the company recently, including Evergreen Mak, Vivien Yeo and Selena Lee.

Auston signed with TVB in 2009 after competing in the first season of the reality singing competition, The Voice. Since then, the 32-year-old worked mainly as an actor, appearing in a number of dramas including the sitcom, Come Home Love.

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多謝大家關心,今日終於正式結束同TVB+星夢嘅賓主關係! 呢十一年黎聽得咁多嘅一句說話 『你幾時出歌呀?』 呢句每次聽到 個心都那住那住痛 其實唔係唔想出 係冇得出 自己寫埋寫埋至少十幾廿首喺床下底 諗點樣蒙面出歌 諗左五年 做現實中嘅木偶哥。 舊公司向我提出轉簽6 show合約,即意思一年保證有萬二蚊收入,雖然連一個月租金都不夠,但確實有如上天恩賜,我萬二分感激! 我今年三十二 有家室,請問如何接受呢份恩賜呢? 十一年前參加比賽立志做歌手, 十一年後重新出發做獨立歌手, 會遲嗎? 要老婆陪我一齊捱窮 辛苦你了! 2020年6月24號 香港獨立歌手 — 林師傑 #alwaysAThome

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In his IG post announcing his departure from TVB, Auston wrote that the company had asked him to sign a “six show” contract with them during contract negotiations. He also said that TVB would only guarantee him a monthly salary of HK$12K (S$2150) a year if he were to re-contract with them.

“[The amount’s] not even enough for me to pay for a month’s rent, but I am still immensely grateful for this heavenly gift [that the company] has bestowed upon me! I’m 32 this year, and I have a family [to feed], how can I accept this gift?” he wrote.

Auston’s wife, Hongkong actress-host Tammy Ou-Yang, who had left TVB earlier this year, also wrote a post on her Instagram that was directed at the broadcaster.

“After I left TVB, I’ve never said a word [about the company], be it publicly or privately 'cos I really don’t wish to have any association with my old employer. But today I want to say something, thank you for letting my husband go. However, please take back the gracious gift you’ve given us ever so kindly, we’ll do just fine on our own,” she wrote.