The first semi-finals for Star Search 2019 wasn’t short on drama. The night started with hosts Guo Liang and Kym Ng announcing that one of the contestants, 17-year-old student Tan Hao Thian, had dropped out of the competition for personal reasons. But after that, it was all systems go for the rest of the 23 semi-finalists, who have been split into three groups, each headed by their celebrity mentors, Christopher Lee, Chen Hanwei and Huang Biren.

We then saw 11 contestants show off their dance moves (some better than others), live out their budding thespian ambitions in a beautifully-shot WeMovie that also starred Star Search 1999 winner Jeff Wang, and finally, battle it out in a super tough and super stressful improv acting round that we think professional actors would also struggle in. So kudos to the newbies for bringing it.

Then, after a quick pep talk from the celebrity mentors and the judges, veteran filmmaker Man Shu Sum, Taiwanese actress-host Phoebe Huang, and Hongkong actor Bowie Lam, the first six finalists for Star Search 2019 were named.

And they are….

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