These All-Time Faves Talk About Being Back In The Competition

And they are such good sports.

Curious to hear what your All-Time Faves are feeling about our new poll? Well, so are we. 

elvin ng

ELVIN NG – 0 years since ascending the All-Time Fave ‘altar’
“[My reaction when I first heard about the 8 DAYS poll was:] ‘Huh, what?! Give us a break! I’ve only just made it here to the [All-time Favourite Artiste] ‘altar’! (Laughs) When it comes to fans voting for me, I usually leave it to them to do what they can on their own. I wanted to give them a break too, ’cos they have been so busy for the past 10 years voting for me. I wanted to do what Xubin did and tell them not to vote for me now. Just take a good break. As long as I’m in their hearts [it’s good enough]. (Laughs) But I will tell them about this poll. If not later your poll no business how? (Laughs) If they are free, they can vote lor.”


chen liping resized

CHEN LIPING – 11 years since ascending the All-Time Fave ‘altar’
“If it’s All-time Favourite Artistes, then we shouldn’t be competing already. I mean, that’s why it’s called “All-time”, right? (Laughs) But, anyway, this is all for fun lah. Actually, looking at how the number of artistes on the All-time Favourite Artistes list keeps increasing every year, we artistes always joke among ourselves that there will be a year where all the All-time Favourite Artistes will compete with each other all over again. Who knows that this year, 8 DAYS would finally do a poll like this? (Laughs) But, we don’t take it too seriously. When it comes to getting your fans to vote for you, you must look at what age you are now. It’s a competition among the fan clubs, rather than a competition among the artistes.”


huang biren

HUANG BIREN – 7 years since ascending the All-Time Fave ‘altar’
“I’m aware of this competition. My fan direct messaged me last night and told me I am in second place (scroll down for Day 2's leaderboard) at the moment. I thought they were joking! (Laughs). Is this an official award at the Star Awards? Will we get a trophy or something? I think my fans think it’s part of the Star Awards, so they’ve been working very hard to vote for me! My friends and family members are more kan cheong and enthusiastic than I am! (Laughs). It’s been such a long time since I’ve participated in such things, but I can tell you I know how the nominees for the Top 10 Most Popular Artistes award feel. It’s actually not fun to be sitting there waiting for your name to be called! (Laughs). “


tay ping hui

TAY PING HUI – 5 years since ascending the ‘altar’
"I was asked in [an interview with I-Weekly] about what is the next step [after becoming an All-Time Favourite Artiste, and I said there could be a favourite out of the All-Time Favourites just like how there is a king of durians among durians]. If I were a durian, I would be a super bitter Musang King from a 100-year-old tree. Honestly, I’d rather be respected as an excellent actor rather than just a popular one whom fans will support regardless of my acting abilities, professionalism or even basic attitude and manners. There are so many actors whom I respect and admire wholeheartedly, who practice their craft quietly with passion, professionalism, dignity and integrity but have never won the Top 10 Most Popular thingy. They are the people who made the rest of us look good. I’ve benefitted so much from those awesome actors. To be honest, I sometimes think they deserve the award more than so many of us. So please, honour those who are deserving but have gone unnoticed, instead of recycling those who were just fortunate enough to have ascended that altar of supposed popularity. I rather my fans spend their time doing something more productive [than voting for me]. I won’t vote for myself either. Why should I? I’m not even a fan of myself.”


chew chor meng

CHEW CHOR MENG - 13 years since ascending the All-Time Fave ‘altar’
“I think this friendly contest is just a gimmick in the lead-up to the Star Awards (laughs). Why do you guys still want us to compete? We’re out of the rat race already. Well, I don’t like this kind of competition all along. I’m almost 50 years old, you still want me to rally for votes? (chuckles) I don’t think I’d do that. I didn’t even do so when I was competing for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award in the past. I’m happy for those who have made it to the All-Time Favourite Artistes list though, it’s a career milestone. If I have to vote for someone, I’d choose Xiang Yun. She’s been acting for so many decades, and still commands a lot of respect and love from viewers. It’s not easy.”

bryan wong

BRYAN WONG – 3 years since ascending the All-Time Fave ‘altar’
“No, I haven’t taken a look at [the popularity poll] yet. At a certain age, you can still indulge in things like that. But, where I am now, I’m beyond this already. I don’t feel pressured at all [to make it to the Top 5 of the poll]. You just have to be comfortable with who you are and what you want now. Do you see this job as a quest for popularity? Or something that you genuinely enjoy doing? For me, I’m getting to indulge in my first love, which is acting. That to me is the best thing ever (laughs). If at this point of time, I’m still looking for popularity, then that’s a bit tiring, isn’t it? (laughs).”

leaderboard day 2

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