Fans hoping to catch Story of Yanxi Palace lead actress and 2018 breakout star Wu Jinyan in her new TV series The Legend of Hao Lan will have to wait a little longer.

The historical drama series was originally due to broadcast on Thursday (Nov 15) this week but the production team made a sudden announcement at midnight yesterday, saying that changes have been made to the broadcast schedule. A press conference that was due to be held today was also cancelled.

No explanation was given for the sudden changes and according to an insider, the airing date for the web series has been pushed back due to production issues. A new timeslot will be announced in time to come.

There is heightened interest and awareness in The Legend of Hao Lan as it is produced by Yu Zheng, the creator of Story of Yanxi Palace and will feature plenty of familiar faces from the latter production.

The story chronicles the journey of Li Hao Lan (Wu Jinyan) after she gets exiled from her family home and is set during the warring states period. The dynasty drama series chronicles how she eventually becomes the mother of Qin Shi Huang, the founder of the Qin dynasty.

She will be reunited with ‘Yanxi’ co-star Nie Yuan and the duo will form a love triangle with Chinese actress Mao Zijun. Tan Zhuo and Wang Maolei who played Consort Gao and Yuan Chunwang respectively in Story of Yanxi Palace will play a married couple in this series.

They are not the only ones from ‘Yanxi’ involved in this new project and viewers can anticipate seeing Jiang Zi Xin, who played Ming Yu, and Lian Lian, who played Lady Yu, in the highly-acclaimed TV series will also be acting in ‘Hao Lan’.

Photos: PBE Media

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