‘The Legend of Ba Qing’ featuring Fan Bingbing and Li Chen to air in July

The actor reportedly filmed against a green screen as the new male lead

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According to Chinese media reports, Chinese historical series The Legend of Ba Qing has been reshot with Chinese actor Li Chen as the new male lead  replacing Gao Yunxiang. The series is said to air on July 6 on Chinese broadcasting stations Dragon TV and Jiangsu Television, which have bought its broadcasting rights.

The Legend of Ba Qing was originally slated to air in April, but was placed on indefinite hiatus after Yunxiang was accused of sexual assault in Australia. Following which, plans for a reshoot were said to be highly unlikely due to the high costs and difficulty involved with re-producing scenes that involved hundreds of extras.

In order to cut costs, Li Chen was said to have filmed the scenes against a green screen, before having his face edited over Yunxiang’s.

Rumours of Li Chen’s participation in the series began last month (May 16), after pictures of the 39-year-old dressed in period costume went viral on Weibo.

As the series stars his fiancée, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, fans of the couple expressed their excitement to see their “onscreen chemistry”, following their last collaboration on Li Chen’s self-directed movie Sky Hunter, which had a poor showing in China.

Photo: PBE Media

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