The cast of classic Chinese drama ‘Romance in the Rain’ reunites after 19 years

Leo Ku, Alec Su, and Vicki Zhao even reenacted a picture from 2001 for old times' sake.


Chinese drama Romance in the Rain caused a nationwide stir when it aired in 2001, with viewers lapping it up thanks to the charming characters portrayed by the four leads, Leo Ku, Alec Su, Vicki Zhao, and Ruby Lin.

Since then, while the quartet went on to achieve much success in the industry, they had yet to reunite on screen — until now.

Yesterday (Jan 15), Leo uploaded a picture taken together with Alec and Vicki, where they were reenacting a pose that they had done while promoting Romance in the Rain. The picture appeared to be taken on stage, with microphones attached to the trio's faces.


As it turns out, they had been invited to attend the press conference for Dragon TV's Spring Gala show, along with Ruby.

While at the event, the four stars reminisced about the time they spent filming Romance in the Rain, sharing anecdotes about the most unforgettable filming experiences they had.


"The most unforgettable scene for me was my kissing scene with Alec," Ruby shared, adding, "At that time, he had a fake beard attached to his face. After I kissed him, the beard had 'moved' over to my face!"

After hearing Ruby's words, Alec quickly chimed in (to the amusement of everyone present), "I felt like a man had kissed me instead!"

Additionally, as a remake of Romance in the Rain was announced last year, the hosts asked Vicki, who is now an established director, if she would consider directing the remake, but she replied, "I'd rather be the most loyal viewer [of the remake] instead."


Photos: PBE Media

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