South Korean actors Ju Ji Hoon, Bae Doo Na, Ryu Seung Ryong and more attended a press conference to promote their new drama Kingdom in Seoul on January 21.

Kingdom takes place in the Joseon Dynasty, where a plague has struck and is turning people into zombies. Ji Hoon plays the Crown Prince who tries to prove his innocence after being accused of treason when the king falls sick from the deadly epidemic. He embarks on a dangerous mission to find a way to cure the sickness.

The actor admitted that he suffered several injuries while making the series, including a minor ankle bone fracture and a minor burn. However, he finds comfort in the fact that the show will achieve great success.

Director Kim Seong Hun quipped that despite being native Koreans, nobody could withstand the frigid temperatures. Thankfully, the "Bae Doo Na store" came to the rescue, as the actress had prepared thermal underwear and foot warmers, as well as drinks and snacks for everyone.

Doo Na admitted that she was not used to filming in straw sandals, while Seung Ryong joked that Ji Hoon was so tall, his neck hurt whenever he had to share a scene with him because he had to keep looking up. "I need a doctor!" he declared.

Just before the press conference came to an end, 10 "zombies" suddenly poured onto the stage, giving poor Doo Na a shock. However, the heroic Ji Hoon quickly took her into his arms to protect her, while trying to fight off the "zombies" with a cake knife.

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