TFBOYS’ Roy Wang slammed for smoking in prohibited area

Netizens shared their suspicions that he could have started smoking from a tender age

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TFBOYS member Roy Wang found himself in the hot seat this week as photos of him smoking in a restaurant surfaced online, quickly garnering thousands of disapproving comments.

For one, there is a nationwide ban on smoking indoors, which includes eating establishments. However, the singer was spotted lighting up while having a meal with Chinese actor Jia Nailiang and idol group member Yang Chaoyue.

In addition, netizens commented that he looked to be a seasoned smoker from the way that he puffed on the cigarette, sparking further criticism that the 18-year-old was likely to have started smoking when he was much younger.

The majority of TFBOYS fans have been surveyed to be young, impressionable teenagers, and netizens shared that seeing their idol smoking might result in the wrong message of ‘smoking is cool’ being conveyed to Roy’s fans.

In addition, the president of Beijing Tobacco Control Association also spoke up on the issue, reminding everyone that smoking indoors is prohibited in the city. He added that Roy, as a public figure, has an important role in conveying the right values to the public.

Roy has since taken to his Weibo to apologise for the photos. “This incident made me reflect on my actions. I’m sorry for the negative influence I might have had on people and I regret being a bad role model. I will accept the consequences and receive the appropriate punishment,” he said.

Photos: PBE Media

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