Tender Huang attended the launch of a footwear brand's Father's Day collection in Taipei on August 1. When asked for his plans for Father's Day, he said, "I will get him whatever he wants. If I’m too busy with work, I will give him money to buy the things he likes."

When asked for his thoughts about women in high heels, Tender said, "I don’t know too much about women's shoes; high heels are sexy but flats can be lovely as well." He then shared that he thinks Shawn Yue is the most fashionable dad in showbiz because he always wears such cool clothes.

Tender has rarely been the subject of romance rumours with female stars. He said, "I once got close to an actress during filming, and she had a misunderstanding that I was using her to gain attention. That really hurt me, so I have not met up with female co-stars after work since then. I want to protect myself from gossip."

Tender, a 41-year-old bachelor, revealed that his parents have already given up on pushing him to get married. His younger brother is already a father of two. "I'm casually waiting for true love to come," he said.

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