Hong Kong actress Kara Wai attended the premiere of her new crime thriller Stained in Hong Kong on January 2.

She gushed about co-star Tse Kwan Ho being "the best actor I have ever worked with in 10 years". "I’m so glad to have the chance to work with him," she said, adding that although this is director Patrick Kong's first TV series, she believes it will achieve great success.

Although Kara has said that she no longer wants to do action movies, she has many spectacular action scenes in Stained. "A 10-minute fight scene is just a warm-up to me," she quipped. "I won't consider this an action film."

Besides this, the veteran actress has also been busy taking on stage productions. "I should be keeping quiet to protect my throat, but I've been giving interviews since 11am this morning," she said. "Now my voice is starting to crack, so I will go and see a doctor tomorrow."

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