Tay Kewei’s mum guilt kicked in when she found out she is pregnant

Baby number two will be born at the end of June.

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Local celeb couple Alfred Sim and Tay Kewei have good news to share: they’re expecting baby number two.

They made the announcement through their music video, ‘Mo Mo Ai Zhe Ni’, which was written for their two-year-old son nicknamed Momo. At the end of the video, Momo declares, “Mummy has a baby in her tummy!” as the family holds up a whiteboard with a family of four drawn on it.

Speaking to Toggle in a phone interview shortly after the announcement was made, Kewei shared that she found out that she was pregnant in mid-November, and is expecting to give birth at the end of June.

“We thought about having another child about half a year ago, but this pregnancy was actually an accident,” she grinned over the phone. “We were supposed to follow a schedule to get pregnant, but we didn’t. We even got a digital ovulation kit that you’re supposed to use every day to know when you’re ovulating, but we didn’t even get to use it before I found out I was pregnant!”

When she learnt that she was pregnant, the 36-year-old consulted her gynecologist to ask if she would be able to continue with her planned overseas trips.

“She said that it’s okay as long as I feel physically fine and that it’s not too taxing or tiring for me. I feel the same, except that I’m feeling a bit heavier than usual,” the singer explained. “I’m very lucky to not have any signs of morning sickness or nausea, and the only thing that has changed so far is that my sense of smell and taste have been heightened. My cravings change every day but I’ve been wanting to eat strong-flavoured food, like mala and fried foods. It changes every day!”

Alfred and Kewei already know the gender of their unborn child, who is just a little shy of 16 weeks old right now. However, don’t expect a gender reveal party, as it is too “stressful”.  

“My friends want to throw one for me. The party looks fun but I personally think it’s very stressful to think about who to invite, planning and having the actual party, so we’ll give it a miss. We’ll just tell our loved ones for now, and reveal it to everyone when our baby is born in June,” she shared.

Before finding out about the baby’s gender, however, she tried asking Momo if he would prefer to have a younger brother or sister. “He’d say that he wants a di di (younger brother), then he’d change his mind and say mei mei (younger sister) instead. He can’t decide!” she laughed. “There are young babies around us so we’ve been teaching him to sayang them and be gentle. We’re also starting to toilet train him, so we tell him that babies use diapers and he’s a big boy who uses the toilet bowl, so he kind of gets the idea that there’s a difference between the two.”


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Kewei's stunning pregnancy photoshoot when she was expecting Momo

Mum guilt has already kicked in

However, Kewei admitted that her mum guilt has already kicked in.

“I’m very worried about Momo being jealous,” she shared. “When I found out I was pregnant this time around, I wasn’t as happy as when I found out about my first pregnancy. I’m feeling a bit of mum guilt ‘cos I feel like I have to split my time between Momo and another person.”

“On the day that I found out that I was pregnant, I wanted to cry when I was carrying Momo because next time it’s not going to be just him. I love him so much and it feels quite sad that there’s going to be someone else in the future.”

This mum guilt has been made worse by the fact that Momo just started playgroup this week.

“It’s his third day at school today. The first day was great, but he was a bit sad on the second day. Today he was crying and didn’t want me to leave, so I was very emotional,” she let on. “Watching Momo’s reaction changing every day is so sad. It’s heartbreaking for me to watch him learn to be independent, even though I know it’s something that he has to go through.”

She admitted that she made him go through two rounds of crying today because she was too soft-hearted and couldn’t bear to leave the school even after Momo’s teacher led him into the classroom. He had already calmed down, but once he saw his mum hanging around, he burst into tears again.

Kewei explained, “I couldn’t just leave him. I worry that he will dislike school because he has to be separated from us. He’s good with people and strangers in general but he needs to develop a relationship with the teachers. They have a fixed routine of playtime, music and he’s also learning to eat on his own and how to go to the toilet.”

With baby number two, there will be less preparation on Kewei and Alfred’s part, who admitted that they over-prepared quite a bit when she was expecting Momo.

“I passed the baby stuff to my friends and cousins after Momo grew out of them, but they will pass it back. At the time, I didn’t know anything about cots or prams or breast feeding, so I got a lot of advice from friends and had to do a lot of research on my own,” she mused. “It’s so much different now.”


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