Tavia Yeung approves of Raymond Lam’s girlfriend

The actress laughed that she often hounds her good friend to tie the knot soon


Hong Kong actors Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung, who graduated from TVB’s acting school in the same year, made a joint appearance at a promotional event recently. The topic of the night soon turned to Raymond’s budding relationship with his girlfriend, Chinese model Carina Zhang.

Though the actor has yet to confirm his relationship with Carina, citing his wishes to keep his personal life private, the couple has been spotted out in public together. Raymond also attended Carina’s younger brother’s wedding recently, indicating that the couple’s relationship has progressed to the next level.


It was rumoured that Raymond had also brought Carina along to the reunion gathering of his TVB acting school classmates. When asked if she had seen Carina in person, Tavia initially shied away from the question, laughing that she had only seen Carina in photos.

However, Tavia soon succumbed to the repeated questions, and shared, “I've seen (Carina) before, but not often. I have a good impression of her, she’s very friendly, and gets along well with everyone.”

Tavia also expressed her happiness for her good friend, adding that she often hounds him to get married whenever they meet. “It’s time for you (to get married),” she laughed. However, Tavia also admitted that Raymond “doesn’t listen to what I say”. 

“He has his own ideas, and there’s no forcing him,” she said.


Photos: PBE Media

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