Tiffany Tang’s wedding filled with love, auspicious meaning

The wedding ceremony started at 17:59 hrs in the afternoon and the wedding dinner began at 19:28 hrs in the evening

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Chinese actors Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang want a long-lasting marriage and relationship. The duo tied the knot in Vienna over the weekend after dating for more than two years and released pictures taken at their wedding photoshoot, in the lead-up to their nuptials.

To kick off the celebrations, they had a welcome dinner party for guests on Saturday night followed by the actual ceremony and a wedding dinner banquet on Sunday.

First came a specially timed announcement on their respective Weibo accounts at 9:09 hrs on Sunday – the timing, when read in Chinese, signifies “forever”, according to Chinese media reports. Next, the wedding ceremony began at 17:29 hrs in the evening while the dinner party started at 19:28 hrs.

Like 9:09, both sets of numbers hold auspicious meanings according to their pronunciation in Chinese; 17:29 and 19:28 both mean “to be in love for a long time” and “always in love” respectively.

Their respective work Weibo accounts shared their announcements at 9:12 am, too, which is seen as a corresponding reply “just want to be in love” to the couple’s declaration of being in love forever.

If anything, the couple’s decision to hold their wedding day on Oct 28, supposedly when DST (daylight savings time) ends in Europe, got netizens buzzing about their “happiness lasting especially long” since they had a total of 25 hours to spend on their big day.

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While Yang Mi, Tiffany’s Chinese Paladin co-star and good friend, was not able to attend the couple’s wedding ceremony, her congratulatory message sent at 12:06 pm corresponded to Tiffany’s Dec 6 birth date. Fellow Chinese actress Liu Yifei and singer Jane Zhang who were rumoured to be Tiffany’s bridesmaids were absent too.

Former Taiwanese idol and Luo Jin’s groomsman Ming Dao stole the limelight with his presence at the wedding, as did Hu Ge, who was Tiffany’s co-star in Chinese Paladin 3.

According to Chinese media, all mobile devices were strictly forbidden inside the wedding venue which explains why there are no pictures of the married couple released apart from pictures taken at the morning ceremony and the welcome dinner party. To make up for the cellphone ban, all wedding guests received a Polaroid camera so that they could take pictures of the event with it.

Tiffany and Luo Jin took their relationship from reel-to-real life after working on drama series such as Diamond Lover and The Princess Weiyoung.

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