Tang Wei returns to the small screen after more than 10 years

The Chinese actress’s last appearance in a drama series was in 2007

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Chinese actress Tang Wei is set to return to television next year, playing the female lead of Sun Ruo Wei in the upcoming 2019 historical romance series Empress of the Ming.

Tang Wei and her male co-star, Zhu Ya Wen, made an appearance at the lensing ceremony of the series two days ago. The 38-year-old certainly looked the part as she wore her hair up in a bun and had a robe over her clothes and looked like she came right off the set of a Ming dynasty palace drama.

The series, which is adapted from Lian Jing Zhu Yi’s ‘The Six Dynasties Chronicle’ novel, will focus on Ruo Wei’s journey from a young girl to a respected empress dowager.

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The actress made her acting debut by playing a goalkeeper in the television series Chinese Female Football in 1998 but began focusing on movies after her popularity rose in the controversial 2007 film, Lust, Caution. Her groundbreaking role also led to her getting blacklisted and banned from the Chinese media for three years.

Since then, Tang Wei’s career has mostly centred around movies and she recently gained more attention last year in her most recent film, Book of Love, after her marriage to Korean director Kim Tae Yong in 2014 and the birth of their first child in 2015.

Tang Wei’s return to TV follows in the footsteps of several top Chinese actresses, Zhou Xun, Fan Bingbing and Zhang Ziyi, who have roles in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, The Legend of Ba Qing and Empress Huang respectively.

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