Tang Wei criticised for poor acting in comeback drama

This is the actress’ first drama in over a decade.


Chinese actress Tang Wei has been criticised for her performance in currently-airing period drama Empress of the Ming.

Empress of the Ming is the actress’ first television drama since Silent Tears in 2007, as Tang Wei had turned her focus to movies following her breakout role in the 2006 movie, Lust, Caution.

Previously, the 40-year-old had shared in an interview that she had taken ill multiple times while filming, igniting concern for the actress’s working hours.

Following the premiere of the drama, Tang Wei’s performance was soundly criticised by netizens, with the actress later acknowledging that she’s “a rookie” when it comes to television dramas.

“To be honest, during the entire production of the television drama, I felt that I was just a rookie,” Tang Wei shared. She revealed in an earlier interview that she had “given everyone a lot of trouble”, as there was a number of differences between filming for the big screen and television, and there was a lot of things that she did not know.

The actress also admitted that there was a lot more for her to learn, and looked forward to being able to improve even further in the future.

Tang Wei previously let on that she put in a lot of effort for her role as Empress Sun in the drama by reading up on the history of the Ming dynasty and interviewing a number of historians so as to better understand her role.

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