Everyone who had once been a teenager will know very well the perils of puberty angst. And despite his superstar status, Japanese heartthrob Takuya Kimura is not spared from his teenage daughters’ mercurial moods. Kimutaku, 46, recently opened up about parenthood on 54-year-old Japanese singer Masahiko Kondō’s variety show Come On! Rockin’ Road, and the two men traded battle stories about their kids.

Takuya has two daughters: Kokomi Kimura, 18, and Mitsuki ‘Koki’ Kimura, 16, a successful fashion model. Masahiko professed that he and his wife get along with their son very well, and expressed his curiosity about the dynamics of the Kimura household.

Kimutaku then candidly shared about one of his family’s biggest fights, which resulted in a one-month cold war between him and his daughter. While he did not specify which of his two daughters was involved, Takuya spilled on the dramatic details.

According to him, the fight revolved around him, his wife (’90s pop star Shizuka Kudo) and their daughter. It all started when his daughter mistakenly thought Shizuka had deliberately splashed water from the sink on her. The angry teen mouthed off her mum, which caught the attention of Takuya, who promptly slammed the script he had been reading on the table and confronted his daughter about her disrespect.

He then went into the kitchen, got a glass of water, and told his daughter: “I will show you what it’s really like to have water deliberately poured on you.” His daughter burst into tears upon being reprimanded, and later ignored Takuya for a month. An amused Masahiko couldn’t resist joking: “Wow, are you guys filming a TV drama?”