Taiwanese actresses Janine Chang and Ivy Chen have been besties ever since they starred in 2009 Taiwanese drama Black & White together. 

Recently though, there have been rumours that their friendship has soured. Netizens came to that conclusion because of the lack of online interaction between the two 37-year-olds over the past year. After all, these days, are you really friends with a person if they don't exist on your social media? 

According to the netizens, the pair fell out because they have been fighting for the same acting jobs. It's also said that Ivy is now busy with family life after giving birth to her son last year and the differences in their lifestyles have only pulled them further apart. 

Though none of these allegations have been verified, the rumours have started spreading like wildfire on the Internet with more and more people actually believing that the actresses are really no longer friends. 

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