Everyone loves a comeback story but once-popular Taiwanese singer Shino Lin will have to wait a while more before she gets to tell hers. 

In 2007, Taiwanese singer Shino Lin made headlines when she was involved in a fatal drink-drinking accident that caused the death of a 41-year-old nurse. 

Initially, she was convicted of two offences: driving without a license (which was a 50 day sentence) and involuntary manslaughter, which carried a sentence of 50 days and six months respectively. But because she admitted to the crime and was willing to pay a settlement of NTD$2mil (S$90,000), she was released on a two-year probation. 

“I sincerely feel sorry and I apologise [for what happened]. I really regret it,” said a distraught Shino at a press conference to address the incident back then. 

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