Taiwanese director Doze Niu accused of sexual assault

This is not the first time he has been accused of indecent behaviour


A female crew member, who was working on Taiwanese director Doze Niu’s latest movie project has made a police report accusing the director of sexual assault.

News of the police report first made the news on Wednesday (December 5). The crew member alleged that Doze had been constantly making advances on her during the filming period. In November, he sent her a message asking her to go to his house for a talk with a senior official.

After a short chat, the senior official is said to have left Doze's home. Worrying that Doze was not in a good mood, the female crew member stayed on to keep the director company. Then, Doze was accused of abruptly approaching and caressing her. The crew member alleged that despite her resistance, Doze continued with his actions and assaulted her on the sofa.

Following the alleged assault, Doze texted the female crew member repeatedly to apologise, but she soon resigned from her job. Shortly after, she went to the police station with a friend to make a police report.

The news of Doze’s alleged sexual assault has since brought out previous reports where the director was accused of similar indecencies. In 2007, it was reported that he had forcefully kissed the lead actress, Janine Chang’s neck whilst filming for the television drama, Wayward Kenting, which he directed. 

He is also said to have forced actress Ke Huan Ru to appear in the nude for a bed scene in the movie What On Earth Have I Done Wrong?!, causing her great discomfort. The movie was directed, co-written and produced by Doze, and featured the then 42-year-old as the lead actor as well.

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