Taiwanese comedian Kang Kang and wife expecting a baby girl

The 51-year-old announced the good news on his Facebook page

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Taiwanese comedian Kang Kang will be welcoming his second child, a girl, in January 2019. He made the surprise announcement on his Facebook page earlier this week.

He tied the knot with his wife, Zhang Jiapei, in 2010 and the couple have a 6-year-old son, Matt. Jiapei had previously suffered a miscarriage about a month into her pregnancy but thankfully all is well this time round and they are set to welcome their baby girl late January.

In his announcement, Kang Kang shared, “My lover from my previous life is finally coming back to me!” Staying true to his gagman roots, he quipped that he “still has it in me”. While it was not easy for the 51-year-old to have another child, some guessed that it was also partially due to the fact that Jiapei is 18 years younger than him, and has a higher chance of successfully getting pregnant.

Adding that he has yet to think of a name for his princess, Kang Kang shared that Matt enjoys watching the animated series Crayon Shin Chan, and that he hopes for his sister to be named after the main character’s younger sister, Xiaokui.

Kang Kang also shared that Jiapei has been experiencing severe morning sickness but is not confined to her bed. To earn more money, he said he will be taking on more jobs and would like to pick up more endorsements too.

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