Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu believed to have secretly tied the knot

The actress was spotted wearing what seems to be a wedding band.


Has Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu tied the knot with her cinematographer boyfriend, Liu You Nian?

Taiwanese media outlets reported that she was spotted wearing what seems to be a wedding band on December 11, and are reporting the couple has secretly registered their marriage last December.

Earlier this June, Tiffany appeared to hint that she might just be tying the knot soon, replying that she “doesn't know” if she might suddenly get married.

However, Tiffany’s management label denied the reports, commenting that they do not have any good news to share. Tiffany’s manager, on the other hand, neither confirmed nor denied the reports.

“Thank you, but I will not be responding to questions pertaining to Tiffany's personal life,” Tiffany’s manager shared.

Photos: PBE Media, Tiffany Hsu/Weibo

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