Taiwanese actress Lu Yuan-chi breaks up with boyfriend five days after revealing relationship

Her ex-boyfriend is 11 years younger than her


Taiwanese actress Lu Yuan-chi has broken up with her boyfriend, Max, who is 11 years her junior. The split came as a surprise as she went public with her relationship just five days before announcing that they had gone their separate ways.

Yuan-chi was previously married to Yuan Weiren (also known as John Yuan) and they two children, a daughter and a son, together.

The 48-year-old previously shared that she decided to date Max as she has immense trust in him, and her son has also remarked that he believes Max was the right person to look after his mother for the rest of her life.

Alas, it seems like their trust was misplaced as a woman, only known to the media as Miss Lin, came forward to declare [when?] that Max had cheated Yuan-chi and herself. She went on to share that she started dating Max in 2014 and they even lived together.

However, Max told Yuan-chi that he had broken up with Miss Lin last October. Miss Lin declared that Max had two-timed them, and demanded that he apologise to her.

Yuan-chi, on the other hand, alleged that Miss Lin harassed her after she went public with her relationship, and that her son was also affected by her harassment. She ultimately decided to break up with Max as she hopes to regain stability in both her personal and work life.

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Yuan Weiren said to have responded to son’s voice

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