Remember Joey Wong, who played the beautiful spirit Nie Xiaoqian in the 1987 comedy-horror flick A Chinese Ghost Story?

Joey recently turned 51 (OMG!) and, yes, she still looks fabulous. 

The devout Buddhist, who regularly shares vacation snaps of herself on Facebook, commemorated her birthday by posting an online message for her fans, saying: “Thankful to be able to spend 51 years peacefully. I’m happy to have all of you who love me. I love you too. My birthday wish is for you to have peace and joy in your lives, and I hope to turn all these birthday well-wishes into a phrase: Amitabha.”

Fans responded with gushing messages: “How is it that you’re an immortal goddess like [your A Chinese Ghost Story character] Nie Xiaoqian… I’m curious how you maintained your good looks, I’m bowled over.”

And the answer, some speculate, is plastic surgery. (Scroll down for more)

Joey Wong spotted in Hongkong in 2013. 

In 2013, Joey was spotted shopping at Causeway Bay in Hongkong by the paparazzi, who snapped photos of her swollen face and awkwardly puffy Kylie Jenner-esque lips, causing netizens to remark that she might have gone under the knife.

When Hongkong journos probed her on whether she has had work done, Joey reportedly denied the rumours.

Welllll, she did get famous playing an ageless ghost after all, okay?