Taiwanese actress Di Ying thinks her infamous son will be more popular than Jackie Chan

The actress’ son, who was arrested for threatening to shoot up his school last year, is now a YouTuber


The son of Taiwanese actress Di Ying and Taiwanese actor Sun Peng made the news in March last year, when it was reported that he had been arrested in America for threatening to shoot up his school in Pennsylvania. 

After a drawn-out legal battle that lasted almost nine months, and close to US$1 million spent, An Tso was deported to Taiwan, with close to 260 days spent in American custody. The 19-year-old was deported in December last year, and has since re-enrolled in a local school.

Since then, An Tso, who also goes by the name Edward Sun, has reinvented himself as a YouTuber. On Wednesday afternoon (July 10), An Tso and Di Ying headed out together to film a short public service video. The mother-son duo had informed the media ahead of time that they will not be accepting any interview requests.


Throughout the entire shoot, which lasted for 30 minutes, Edward did not speak to the media at all. After the shoot wrapped, he wolfed down a hamburger and started walking away, before bolting away from the media present.

Di Ying, who was left behind, then began laughing, “He’s doing this on purpose to play around. He’s so cute”.

She also explained her son’s behaviour to the media, saying, “He has been scared by the media a number of times, so he’s not too sure on what to say, which is why he chose to run away. This is a sign of the chemistry that’s present between us mother and son, because I knew that he’d run away”.

Later, she added that her husband, Sun Peng had cautioned Edward to be careful with his actions and words.


The actress also pleaded for the media not to brand Edward as a ‘Mummy’s boy’. 

“He’s very independent and doesn’t need to rely on his dad or mum. I swear that I’m the one that is doted on by him," she declared

Although An Tso has become a YouTuber, he has no plans to break into the entertainment industry yet. “He gets shy and nervous, and thinks that he’s not a celebrity, but give him some time and he might just surpass Jackie Chan’s popularity."

Edward later uploaded a picture of the media gathered at the park that day on his Instagram Story, adding a crying emoji. He also explained that he was not used to the media's scrutiny.

Photos: PBE Media, Edward Sun/Instagram

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