Taiwanese actor denies molesting flight stewardess while drunk

He apologised for his drunken behaviour but his manager has maintained that he did not touch the stewardess inappropriately


Taiwanese actor To Tsung-hua has apologised after his actions onboard a February 1 flight to Singapore caused a disturbance. According to reports, the 56-year-old was drunk and barged into the flight stewardesses’ galley to demand for more alcohol, among other actions. In the process, he also molested a flight stewardess. As a result, he was brought away by the police once the plane touched ground in Singapore.

An eyewitness who was on the same flight also accused Tsung-hua of making a ruckus, with the whole disturbance lasting over an hour. As a result, fellow passengers were unable to rest. The actor also monopolised the flight stewardesses’ attention. “He just stood there, drinking his alcohol. Perhaps he wanted more alcohol to drink,” the eyewitness said.

Another passenger also witnessed the actor molesting the flight stewardess by touching her butt while asking for more alcohol. His actions caused the stewardess to break down in tears, while saying, “You touched me from the bottom, how can you say you did not (do so)?”.


When a male passenger intervened, Tsung-hua began spewing vulgarities, and even used a blanket to hit the passenger.

The next day, the actor recorded a short apology video to explain his actions. In the video, he shared that he had drunk two cups of alcohol on the flight as he was excited for Chinese New Year. “This behaviour is absolutely unacceptable, I hope it will not affect everyone’s mood as they celebrate Chinese New Year. I would like to apologise to those who were affected by my behaviour. I’m extremely sorry,” he said. 

He also explained that he did not intentionally disturb the flight stewardess, saying, “I hope she can forgive me. Once again, I’d like to apologise.”

The actor’s manager also shared that it is "impossible" that the actor molested the stewardess. They then went on to explain that after drinking alcohol, he was a little louder when he spoke, and might have disturbed the other passengers. When they touched down in Singapore, the presence of the police officers was just to escort him past the immigration gates, and the actor was not detained.


Photos: PBE Media

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