Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s sister calls out stalker for death threats

She alleges that she and her family have been subjected to harassment for three years

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Korean idol group Super Junior’s youngest member, Kyuhyun and his family have been revealed to have been subjected to harassment from a stalker for the past three years.

Kyuhyun’s older sister, Cho Ara, uploaded evidence of the abuse on her Instagram page, but has since deleted her posts. In her post, she wrote, “I’ve been trying to understand him/her many times. But it’s been 3 years stalking me, kyu, and my parents. threatened to kill me. every day and night messaging me, calling me. hack my phone and my account (sic).” Along with the post was a screenshot of her call log.

Ara also shared another screenshot of an expletive-filled message which the stalker sent over instant messaging platform KakaoTalk.

Soon after she made the post, the alleged stalker uploaded Instagram stories of his own, making threats such as, “You really think those were my real phone numbers huh? Dang. You wrong.. never heared of a virtual phone number honey? But guess what? I can share your REAL phone number. On Instagram. wouldn’t that be wonderful? But honestly…. You really made me angry. you shared the sensitive things i told you about myself… how could you? Delete everything and i will not share your phone number How about that? (sic).” The Instagram profile could not be accessed at press time, and is believed to have either been deactivated or suspended.

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The stalker also sent more intimidating messages, such as “I’M LITERALLY COMING TO YOUR HOUSE NOW YOU B****” after Ara uploaded her initial post.

This issue has caught the attention of Label SJ, which exclusively manages Super Junior. They shared that they only found out about it after it was made public on Instagram, and that Kyuhyun had decided not to seek help from the company as it was a family issue. They have also made clear that the unknown person did not directly threaten the Super Junior member.

According to the statement issued by Label SJ, Ara is hospitalised as she is due to give birth in a few days, and has been unable to view the situation in a positive light.

Kyuhyun is slated to be discharged from his mandatory military service in May.

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