Sunny Wang attended an event celebrating the launch of luxury brand Coach’s new collaboration with American actor Michael B. Jordan in Taipei yesterday (Oct 9). It was his first public appearance since confirming his wife Dominique Choy’s (also known as Dizzy Dizzo) pregnancy two weeks ago.

The Taiwanese-American actor happily reported that everything is going very smoothly so far, and admitted that he is feeling excited yet nervous about being a dad for the first time. In order to prepare for fatherhood, Sunny has been doing a lot of research and reading books. He also plans to seek advice from his friends who are already parents.

When asked about the gender of his child, the 36-year-old said that he will let his wife decide when to make the announcement. In the meantime, he took the opportunity to remind all his friends not to start buying gifts yet, especially since the gender has not been revealed. “I myself will only start shopping for the baby next month,” he said, adding that he and Dominique have yet to decide on a name for their child, calling it “Little One” for now.

With his current film project often taking him far from home, Sunny confessed that he isn’t always around to take care of his wife. Fortunately, he can rest assured that his team will be there to look after her in his place. “When I miss my baby, I will send Dominique a video or voice recording and she will play it to our baby,” he said. “And she will usually feel a reaction in her stomach!”

For now, Sunny has no concrete plans on what to do, job-wise, after shooting ends. “I’ll take things one step at a time and deal with it when the time comes, but I should be staying at home as much as possible after the baby arrives,” he said. “I believe that will be a very tiring time for us as new parents!”

Photos: TPG, Facebook/Dizzy Dizzo