Sun Peng, Di Ying open up about son’s arrest in US

The celebrity couple arrived in America on March 30

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Taiwanese actors Sun Peng and Di Ying spoke up for the first time since their son, 18-year-old Sun An Tso’s arrest last week.

The couple thanked everyone for showing care and concern towards the case after the news broke out, and apologised for hogging headlines all of last week.

“We hope international news media will not report too much about this, especially if the reports are untrue,” they expressed.

They added, “We always did our best to raise An Tso, and we feel responsible and guilty now that things have turned out this way. We believe that our child is innocent, and will accompany him for his court hearings in America.”

Certain that their son will be more cautious about the things he say after this incident, Sun Peng and Di Ying promised to show more concern towards their son, so that he will not make the same mistake again.


According to Taiwanese media, both husband and wife touched down in America on the night of March 30 and will most likely be able to visit their son in prison latest by April 2.

Di Ying's sister, Di Mei, revealed that the incident had taken a huge toll on the actress. Despite the strong front she put on in front of the media, she revealed that her sister broke down in tears in private.

“She only cried in front of me. She is someone who will do anything for her son, so it’s understandable that she was very upset about the arrest,” Mei Di shared. “If An Tso really ends up in jail, she won’t be able to withstand the shock. I’ll be very upset as well.”

As one of her two younger brothers had overdosed from drug use more than 10 years ago, Di Mei shared that her sister was very careful in An Tso’s upbringing. Besides keeping negative news out of earshot, she did her best to let him grow up in a positive learning environment.

Di Ying even once made the statement that she will rather raise a “child with mental disabilities”,  than one who becomes a “nuisance to society”.


With Di Ying and Di Mei's elderly mother recently hospitalised from a bad fall, and their second younger brother still in a comatose state after his previous brain surgery, Di Mei hopes that her sister will be able to stay strong during this trying period.

The couple’s teenage son was arrested on March 27 after he told his schoolmate about his plans to “shoot up the school”, and was later found with components to build a homemade gun in the bedroom he lives in with his host family.

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