Sun Peng, Di Ying visit their son in US jail

The 18-year-old was found to be in possession of 1,600 bullets and an assembled handgun


Taiwanese actors Sun Peng and Di Ying touched down in America on the night of March 30, and was said to have gotten emotional when they visited their son, 18-year-old Sun An Tso, in prison.

According to Taiwan media reports, the couple visited Pennsylvania Prison on the morning of April 2, and teared up when they saw their child dressed in prison garb.

An Tso was arrested by the US police last week (Mar 27), after police found suspicious items in his bedroom, which includes a crossbow, bullets and components of a gun. While all these items were legal in the states, An Tso was arrested on suspicion of planning a school massacre, as he was quoted to have warned his classmates to stay away from school on May 1, which was the day he planned “to shoot up the school”.

In latest developments of the case, the police have found more incriminating evidence against An Tso.

While the 18-year-old maintained that he does not own a gun at the time he was arrested—a statement backed up by his mother, Di Ying—the police uncovered an assembled handgun and a massive stash of 1,600 bullets in a duffel bag, in a bedroom of his host family’s residence.



More specifically, the police recovered a total of 225 rounds of 12-gauge ammo, 663 rounds of 9mm bullets, 295 rounds of AR-15 ammunition and 425 rounds of AK-47 ammunition.

Shocked at their find, the police expressed their relief that they managed to “stop a tragedy before it took place”, and strongly believes that An Tso had intended to open fire in school.

As An Tso’s host parent was said to have attempted to hide the bag after police alerted them to the investigation, the FBI has since stepped in to find out if more people were involved.

The case will be brought to court on April 4, and An Tso will be represented by a new and reputable lawyer, Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Keller, who is experienced in handling teenage crime cases.

Photos: PBE Media

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