Sun Peng, Di Ying spend over US$1 million to ‘save’ son

Taiwanese actors Sun Peng and Di Ying’s son Sun An Tso was deported to Taiwan after being under arrest for 249 days

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Taiwanese student Sun An Tso’s freedom came at a costly price. The 18-year-old son of Taiwanese actors Sun Peng and Di Ying, who was studying in Pennsylvania, USA, was arrested in March after his plans to execute a school massacre were brought to light.

The police also found 1,600 bullets and a handmade gun in his possession at home, and he faced multiple charges. The boy pleaded guilty to allegations of threats in court in exchange for a suspended sentence.

After spending close to 260 days in detention, the actors’ son was deported from the US and will arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport tonight. He faces a lifetime ban from returning to the US. 

According to Taiwan media, both Sun Peng and Di Ying have spent close to US$1 million (approximately S$1.37 million) on their son’s legal fees and their living expenses in the US over the past eight months. The couple was previously reported to have sold several properties in order to raise funds for the legal case.

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During the court hearing in the US, Sun Peng apologised for An Tso’s misdeeds and pleaded for his son’s release. He also shared that An Tso’s mum’s health was deteriorating and she could “hardly sleep each night.”

Sun Peng also added that they have found a university in Taiwan that is willing to admit An Tso – Chungyu University of Film and Arts.

It is not yet known if An Tso faces legal sanctions in Taiwan, but he will be brought in for legal questioning upon arrival.

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Taiwanese actors Sun Peng, Di Ying’s son has been deported to Taiwan
Sun Peng, Di Ying visit their son in US jail

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