Yesterday (August 28), celebrity couple Sun Peng and Di Ying’s 18-year-old son, Sun An Tso, made an appearance in court together with his lawyer, Robert Keller.

An Tso was arrested in March after the US police received a tip-off from his school principal about his suspicious behaviour, and was later found to have 1,600 bullets and a handmade gun stashed away in his bedroom. During his court appearance yesterday, he pleaded guilty to all the charges the prosecution had raised against him, giving up his previous appeal. 

His lawyer also successfully petitioned the court to bring forward the 18-year-old’s court date, with the new date set on December 11.

Although Sun Peng and Di Ying are still in Philadelphia, America, where An Tso is currently being held, they decided not to turn up for the hearing in order to protect their son from the media scramble that would ensue should they have attended. However, they shared that they were aware of what happened in court, and that they had bought a return ticket for An Tso in the hopes that he will be able to return to Taiwan on the day of the final hearing and sentencing.

In an interview after An Tso pled guilty, his lawyer shared that An Tso is doing well in prison and that he has not been subjected to any untoward treatment. He let on that Sun Peng and Di Ying visit their son weekly, and that the 18-year-old has been spending his time constructively, engaging mostly in drawing and painting activities.

Photos: PBE Media

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